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partnering with charities, businesses and people to help children

Children International works with organizations around the world to better the lives of children in poverty. We partner with other organizations in several ways, from grants to employee giving and matching programs to gifts in kind and much more.

Children International’s emphasis on community engagement provides the basis for a range of partnership opportunities with corporations, foundations and other institutions to combat poverty and achieve the development goals of the countries where we work. Our experience working with families and communities since 1936 has shown us that escaping poverty can be a realistic goal when we join forces to help children and youth reach their potential. Find out more about our many partners and affiliates below.

Aflatoun International is a nonprofit organization that offers social and financial education to children and youth worldwide. Children International is a part of its network of 200 partners and uses its curriculum to teach sponsored children how to make positive change in their communities for a sustainable future.

Aviv Foundation

The Aviv Foundation is committed to empowering disadvantaged children with opportunities to better their lives; promoting deep Jewish engagement in an inclusive framework; investing in Israeli society; and strengthening civic engagement in the United States. Aviv Foundation has funded exciting innovation and learning pilots with Children International to help drive more impact on empowering children to create their pathways out of poverty.

Citi Foundation

Citi Foundation has invested in our Social and Financial Literacy and Into Employment® programs in Ecuador for many years, in addition to providing emergency food baskets for 565 families in both Guayaquil and Quito. Cristina Arteta, public affairs manager, Citibank, N.A. Ecuador Branch, summed up the benefit of our partnership: “Citi remains firmly committed to the social and financial inclusion of the Ecuadorian community and, in the difficult circumstances currently afflicting our country, to the economic reactivation of the most vulnerable population. It has been an honor for us to join forces with Children International once again to ensure the food security of the young people who benefit from our initiatives each year, along with their families.”

Clean the World is a not-for-profit corporation that collects and recycles soap and shampoo products discarded by the hospitality industry. The forward-thinking foundation works with Children International to distribute these and other donated hygiene products to impoverished people, preventing millions of deaths caused by hygiene-related illnesses. Since 2012, CI has distributed 11 billion bars of soap and nearly 400,000 389,628 hygiene kits to the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Philippines and Zambia. Read more about Clean the World.

CORE Group is a nonprofit organization that convenes global community health organizations and professionals to share knowledge, evidence and best practices. Children International’s membership with CORE Group helps us share insights and innovations in global health that further the progress in the field as a whole. Additionally, we also gain access to potential partnerships and resources that help enhance our programs for children and youth.

In partnership with the Guru Krupa Foundation, Children International is working to ensure impoverished children in Delhi have access to tutoring assistance and educational resources by operating Early Childhood Centers for Development and after-school tutoring programs.

Heart to Heart International, based in Lenexa, Kansas, strengthens communities through improving health access, providing humanitarian development and administering crisis relief worldwide. Children International partners with Heart to Heart International to distribute medical supplies to partner hospitals and clinics in the Philippines.


Organics Unlimited, through their Giving Resources and Opportunities to Worker (GROW) fund, helps provide educational, dental and vision support for several organizations. They have partnered with Children International for many years to support Children International’s handwashing and nutrition rehabilitation programs in Ecuador, ensuring children get — and stay — healthy, so they can focus on their futures.

Sally and Dick Roberts Coyote Foundation focuses on innovations in learning, enhancing intercultural and global understanding, the advancement of music, facilitating interpersonal communication and creativity, and deepening human values and human relations. Children International partners with the foundation to bring El Sistema-inspired music programs to children and youth in Colombia and the Dominican Republic.

Children International is proud to partner with TOMS Shoes and its One for One® model to give new shoes to children in need. Just like Children International, TOMS has one focus: to help improve lives. Through our partnership with TOMS, we have distributed millions of pairs of shoes to sponsored and nonsponsored children in Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Philippines, United States and Zambia. That makes the partnership between our two organizations the perfect opportunity for anyone who has a heart for children. TOMS' plan is simple: With every product you purchase, TOMS will help a person in need. One for One.® Read more about our partnership with TOMS.

Walsh Family Foundation

Chicago-based Walsh Family Foundation supports nonprofit organizations involved with arts and culture, education, social services and Catholicism. In partnership with Children International, the Walsh Family Foundation supports youth pursue employment in Guatemala through our Into Employment program as well as our Emergency Community Fund in Honduras.

Windgate Foundation

Based in Little Rock, Arkansas, the Windgate Foundation provides grants in the following areas: educational programs in contemporary craft and visual arts; arts education and scholarship support in K-12 schools; and programs for economically or socially disadvantaged children in the state of Arkansas. In partnership with Children International and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, the Windgate Foundation supports college students in Little Rock through our HOPE scholarship program in addition to our summer program for Little Rock children.

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Please contact our Global Philanthropy team at 800‑888‑3089 or with questions about partnership opportunities.

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