The Cormack Family Community Centers

two new community centers in CARTAGENA, COLOMBIA

NOW OPEN: Please enjoy this video of the new centers!

Lead donors Dave and Fiona Cormack (pictured at left) with their family and sponsored children.

Olaya’s story continues

The Cormack Family Community Centers were inaugurated on June 14, 2018.

The doors are open — but the change is just beginning! In the same way we partnered with generous supporters to renovate these buildings, we need partners who will help support the smart, selfless staff members and volunteers who ensure our kids feel valued and loved.

Every dollar we invest in our team is a dollar we invest in our children. A contribution to help cover the centers’ operating costs for the coming year will make a direct difference in the lives of our kids and teens.

Your gift will encourage and empower the dedicated people who keep the centers running efficiently, effectively and compassionately.

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Critical issues

  • Cramped quarters made it difficult for our staff to work effectively.
  • Older, outdated facilities needed to be refreshed and modernized.
  • Our expanding programs for teens require more space than was currently available.
  • Kids and teens preferred age-appropriate spaces where they could socialize and work together with their peers.

Community center

Youth resource center

About the centers

The current buildings were originally two-story houses modified for our needs. As our sponsored population grew, our facilities did not grown with them. Limited space resulted in congested activities, making it difficult for staff to effectively implement our programs.

Because these two centers are located near each other, we chose to renovate them so each facility is uniquely suited to provide age-appropriate programming to a specific group:

  • Community center: Centralized health and dental operations, reading areas, computer lab and play areas specifically for younger children.
  • Youth resource center: Adequate space for teens to participate in workshops on financial literacy, leadership, health, sports and vocational skills.

The renovated centers now provide modern, safe spaces where children can grow and learn and teens can receive the life and job skills they need to succeed as adults.

“Coming to the community center has helped me learn and be a better person. And, at the community center, I have learned to be disciplined, to strive for what I want the most. This has made my mom feel proud of me, and I’m even more motivated to finish school so I can become a professional.” — Ana María (12)

Large gifts and naming opportunities

CI’s community centers are the heartbeat of our organization. They provide safe, uplifting and caring environments from which CI kids can launch successful futures. But these centers are a big commitment — one that requires a lot of support.

So, to honor the big-hearted donors who so generously are able to help, we want to formally recognize you!

  • Contribute $1,000 or more: Your name — or the name of a loved one — will be inscribed on a plaque in the center.
  • Donate a gift of $10,000+: A room or outdoor area of one of the facilities will be dedicated and named in your honor. (See below for more information and which rooms are still available for naming rights.)

Name a room

The very spaces that are changing the lives of kids will feature your name or the name of someone you love. If you’re interested in donating, please contact us soon. 


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