Matching gifts can double your donations

matching gift donations for charitable employers

Your support for Children International helps change everything for children and families in poverty. And your gift can go even further if your company or organization has a Matching Gift program. More than 10,000 companies nationwide will match their employees’ gifts to Children International. Find out if your company is one, and double the impact of your gift!

Companies and foundations use several procedures by which employees can request matching gifts: online forms, payroll deductions or paper forms. Start first by typing your employer’s name in our search tool, or contact your companys HR department to learn your options.

How to use the form:
  • Type your employer’s name into the search field below.
  • Click the "Search" button
  • Find instructions for matching with the information provided.

Mail your matching gift forms to:

Children International
Attn: Matching Gifts
P.O. Box 219055 
Kansas City, MO 64121

If you or your company have any questions about our Matching Gifts program, please contact our Care Team

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