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Supporting the most vulnerable communities

We deliberately build our community centers in vulnerable communities because gangs, violence, drugs, exploitive working conditions and other forms of abuse are real dangers to children there. Children International centers serve as a safe place and stand as a testament to the long-term investment we make in the neglected neighborhoods where our children and families live.

An oasis of hope for our kids, the centers are the foundation for everything you make possible.

As neighborhoods evolve and the needs of our children and youth change, our local experts and staff at Children International’s agencies around the world have identified areas of urgent need, such as:

Security in Honduras

Gang violence is a common occurrence in Honduras, which has one of the highest homicide rates. We have ongoing security needs at our centers.

Tuberculosis in Bicol

Tuberculosis is a major health problem in the Philippines. Our Stop TB! program treats sick kids and educates families about prevention.

Education in Guatemala

Only 24% of youth complete high school at the appropriate age. Scholarships for primary and secondary education help kids stay in school.

Parasites in the D.R.

Intestinal parasites can cause lethargy, illness and malnutrition. Our health program in the Dominican Republic treats sick kids and teaches healthy habits.

Questions? Contact us!

To provide support or learn more about urgent needs, please contact our Global Philanthropy team at:

When you invest in our community centers, you’re making a wise investment in:


  • Children
  • Families
  • Neighborhoods
  • Caring staff
  • Transformative programs & services
  • Safety & security
  • Ongoing operations
  • A better world

Like the centers themselves, your investment will radiate into our children’s homes and communities, creating a ripple effect that can change the world.

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“It was very important to renovate the community center due to some structural damage. Now, there is greater security in the offices and consulting rooms. Families say it looks very nice and their children feel motivated to come for check-ups more often.”

— Verena Tous,
area coordinator at a recently renovated community center in Colombia

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