Support safe spaces in vulnerable communities

help children: Cover urgent community center needs

Supporting vulnerable communities

We deliberately build our community centers in areas hardest hit by poverty, where children and families don’t have access to key services. Our 67 centers provide programs and resources that help children grow up healthy, educated, empowered, and (eventually) employed.

Community centers offer stability, security and opportunity in often chaotic neighborhoods.

Centers tailor their services to their community and respond to fast-emerging challenges. Our local experts and staff have identified current critical needs at each center, including:


Drug-trafficking in Guadalajara has increased crime in community center neighborhoods. Centers are spending more on installing and maintaining necessary security measures.


Facing the country’s most dangerous dengue outbreak ever, community centers are helping those affected and protecting neighborhoods from further infection.


Senior high school is now organized by career track. New programs in Bicol and Manila help students discover their strengths and make career plans.


20% of older students drop out because they can’t afford school. Zambia centers are awarding more HOPE Scholarships to help students graduate.

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To provide support or learn more about urgent needs, please contact our Global Philanthropy team at:

When you invest in our community centers, you’re making a wise investment in:


  • Children
  • Families
  • Neighborhoods

  • Caring staff
  • Transformative programs
    & services

  • Safety & security
  • Ongoing operations
  • A better world

Like the centers themselves, your investment will radiate into our children’s homes and communities, creating a ripple effect that can change the world.

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“The security situation here is tenuous. In the areas where we work in Mexico, crimes related to drug trafficking expose our children to intimidation, assaults and even the sight of murder victims near our centers.”

— Sergio Ontiveros,
Agency Director

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