Meet your kid — in person!

Sponsor Travel FAQ

You can’t get more real than seeing for yourself the community - and the community center - where your child lives, learns and grows. We're excited you are considering a visit!

We want your trip to be as awesome and seamless as possible, so we have important information to help kick-start the process. Please scroll down to learn more.

Planning your trip

Step 1: Pick your travel dates — but don’t pay for anything just yet!

We LOVE that you want to visit your sponsored child! Once you have pretty firm dates in mind, simply call our headquarters in Kansas City - AT LEAST EIGHT WEEKS IN ADVANCE - at 800-888-3089. (If you live outside the U.S. or Mexico, you may call us collect, if you need to, at 816-942-2000, or email us at We'll send you all the information you need, discuss trip options and cost, and inform staff in the country where your child lives, so they, too, can begin planning for your arrival.

Let us know as soon as you can when you’ll be making your trip!

Step 2: Look over these important documents  

Please familiarize yourself with these forms before your visit.

Step 3: Read the FAQs

You’ll get great travel tips, insight into your child’s country and important info about policies to keep both you and your child safe. Check out our tips in the FAQs.

Step 4: You will hear from us soon!

We’ll send you some forms and information you will need for your visit.

Step 5: Begin the three-week countdown!

When the calendar marks three weeks to your visit, confirm your final details with the office in the country where your child lives. Look for more instructions in the informational packet we’ll have sent you.

Step 6: (the most important!) Have a great trip!

Then, visit My Social Center and share your experience with us and other sponsors! Don’t forget to keep these tips in mind when sharing pictures and information online. 

a woman and youth smiling

“You are never the same again ... if you get to meet your child and see the results … It is an indescribable feeling to know — and, in my case, actually hear from a mother — how what I’ve done has changed their lives.”

- Maryli R., CI sponsor since 1993

Read more about her visit

Learn about your child’s country before you visit

We’ve got lots of information that will help make your visit more memorable.

Have you been on your virtual visit yet?

You can visit our communities, meet children, youth and staff, and explore much more, right now. TAKE THE VIRTUAL TOUR

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