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facts & stats About World Poverty and Empowerment

Growing up in poverty, a child lacks hope or a vision for a future where change is possible. That's where our empowerment programs come in — children get access to the basic tools they need to become confident and engaged citizens of their communities. Your sponsorship helps children learn about social responsibility, develop leadership skills and receive employment training, so they can break free from poverty. You're also giving them access to crucial healthcare, educational programs, and more.

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  • Worldwide, 2 billion people are without any kind of bank account.

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  • People who can read are more likely to participate politically and exercise their civil rights.

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  • Direct links between empowerment and breaking free from poverty are real. Self-confidence, personal power and aspirations for the future are associated with a high increase in escaping poverty.

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  • Enhanced leadership skills, less alcohol or drug use, and better performance in school are all outcomes of empowered youth.

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  • About 15 million girls a year marry before age 18, that’s one every two seconds.

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  • 18 countries require a woman to have her husband’s approval to get a job.

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  • In India, the Dominican Republic and Zambia, more than a third of young girls marry before the age of 18.

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Our programs break the cycle

We empower children and youth through health care and education programs, life-skills workshops, career placement initiatives and more.

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