How sponsorship works

How Child Sponsorship Works

Your $39 monthly gift supports

1. A safe place, like 67 community centers around the world
2. A caring team of local staff
3. A path out of poverty

Help a child transform her life

When you sponsor a child, your monthly gift of $39 provides access to life-changing benefits, like access to medical and dental care, educational support, life skills and job placement after graduation.

You are helping break the cycle of generational poverty and creating opportunities for children and families to transform their lives.

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A personal connection

You can watch your sponsored child change and grow through letters, photos and yearly updates. You have a personal connection to see how your gift affects the life of another person, and can even plan a visit to meet your child and tour her community center.




Make a difference

More than half of all people who live in poverty are kids.

A safe place

67 community centers where kids get life-changing benefits, like medical care, tutoring, job placement and more.

A caring team

Thousands of volunteers and more than 1,400 local staff in 10 countries who know our kids and their communities.

A path out of poverty

Programs focused on health, education, employment and empowerment to break the cycle of poverty.

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Where do we work?

In 10 countries around the world. We also have a U.S. program to help kids living in poverty in Arkansas.  SEE A MAP

Is sponsorship a monthly giving commitment? 

Yes, it’s $39 a month to help provide life-changing benefits for needy kids. You can sponsor for as long as you want or choose to get involved in other ways.  SPONSOR A CHILD OTHER WAYS

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See your impact
when you give. 

When you sponsor, you’ll receive messages, photos and regular updates from your child, and see the difference you’re making in her life. 

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82% directly
to programs. 

Our top charity ratings, reviews and 82% funding to our programs means you are making a life-changing impact with your generous support. 

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No commitment.
(Except ours.)

You can cancel your monthly giving anytime. Our commitment remains the same, and your child will still receive benefits. 

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