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For children in impoverished communities, education is essential to their path out of poverty. But if they fall behind in their studies, sometimes from illness or family problems, it can be tough to catch up. Without help, they miss critical and important learning opportunities, and with little to no access to specialized help, they struggle.

Tutoring programs

make the grade(s)

Impoverished parents often lack basic education and are unable to help their children complete homework or provide the encouragement they need. That’s why our tutoring program is so important.

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Computer Skills

are the key(board) to success

Our computer courses teach basic computer skills plus e-mail and internet safety. This allows kids to complete homework, write résumés and meet the requirements for good entry-level jobs.

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Our reporting shows that after tutoring, CI’s kids had increased proficiency: 89 percent in mathematics and 91 percent in literacy.


“A changed child!”

Sangita now receives straight As

On days like today, when a chronic illness weakens her mother, Sangita must stay home to help with chores and look after her younger sister. The 11-year-old’s school attendance suffers. When she does make it to class, Sangita struggles with schoolwork.



of children who completed a CI computer skills course saw increased proficiency in computer skills.


“A daily spark”

Computer skills give Anita the drive to succeed

Intelligent. Quick learner. Vibrant. Role model. These are all words used to describe Anita, whose cheerful smile brightens the room as she enters her computer class at her community center in Guatemala.

Anita is always ready to work, with a positive attitude and kind words for everyone around her. Anita’s optimism is even more remarkable considering that growing up in a small, impoverished village is the least of her challenges.

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This former sponsored child is now a CI tutor
Carmen, Guatemala

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Visit a tutoring session in progress
Quito, Ecuador

Help kids get the tutoring support and computer skills training they need!

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