Breaking the cycle of poverty

Children born into poverty

Children born into poverty and violence often suffer from preventable illness and health issues that go untreated.

Early childhood illness & malnutrition

Children worrying about their next meal, safe drinking water or physical pain often fall behind in school or do not attend at all.

Lack of education & resources

Youth lacking an education find themselves without employment opportunities leading to increased involvement in drugs, violence and gang affiliation.

Limited job skills = UnderemploymenT

Many youth in poverty don't have the skills needed to find work, like résumé writing, interview prep or even understanding where to find a job.

Making an impact that lasts

At Children International, we know children in poverty are at risk of becoming adults in poverty, which is why our programs begin early, focusing on children and youth between the ages of 3 to 24, as well as their families. Your sponsorship or gift provides children access to educational and health care programs, helps empower kids to develop important life skills, funds career and job-training initiatives, and builds community centers — all of which help children build a path out of poverty for this generation and the next. 

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