Tierra Nueva - Guatemala

recently completed: community center in Guatemala


Because of the generosity of people like you, the Harry A. Reed and Robert A. Zinni Community Center has been inaugurated and is now in use! But several more still need help before they can realize their potential to transform their communities.


Watch the inauguration day video!


About Guatemala City

In Guatemala City, dangerous slums like Tierra Nueva are all too common. But even by the standards of a nation where the annual rate of violent deaths rivals active war zones, Tierra Nueva is considered particularly treacherous. Children there grow up in an atmosphere of chaos and despair — and the illusion of security offered by gangs can seem like the only way out. But there is one place they can turn.

Tierra Nueva children

Over time, the needs of Tierra Nueva's children have grown and, thanks to your generosity, so has our ability to meet them! The new bigger, better community center is a place of refuge and symbol of hope for a new generation of families dealing with extreme poverty. The success of this project is definitely worth celebrating!

Kids served by this center: 3,400

We’ve worked in Tierra Nueva for more than 15 years. Our new community center now offers medical and dental clinics where kids and teens receive treatment, a computer lab where they can access modern technology, a playground where kids can have fun in a safe environment and a vibrant program for teens that offers a range of positive activities and opportunities to develop knowledge and skills that better equip them for the future.

Make an impact

A huge "thank you" to all the wonderful friends who made this center possible for kids in Tierra Nueva! But several transformational projects still need your help!

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