Cormack Family Community Center and Youth Center

Building a Community Center in La Esperanza, Colombia


Thanks to generous friends like you, the Cormack Family Community Center and Cormack Family Youth Center were inaugurated on June 26, 2016, and are now serving the community in La Esperanza, Colombia. Over 4,500 kids rely on this center as a safe space for vital learning and services.

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La Esperanza is now open!


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About La Esperanza

In Cartagena, Colombia, poverty is rampant, affecting nearly half of its citizens. Destitute families and marginalized refugees live in the shadows of a city that boasts a booming tourism industry, rich history and wealth.

About la Esperanza

Name a room

A chance to leave a lasting impression on the La Esperanza Community Center by naming one of the rooms is still available in this facility. The very spaces that are changing the lives of kids will feature the name of you or someone you love.


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