What's a community center?

the power of Children International Community Centers

More than 70 community centers around the world

Ever wonder how we manage to help hundreds of thousands of kids at the same time? The answer: our extraordinary community centers.

These unique facilities provide a safe haven to kids from dangerous environments  and deliver our life-changing programs and services.

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What will you see in a community center? Many include:

  • Medical clinics





    Youth Classroom



    Youth Programs and Recreation Hall

    Activity spaces & multipurpose rooms

  • Dental Clinic

    Dental clinics


    Computer Center

    Computer labs


    Staff Offices

    Staff offices


    Children's Playroom

    Sports & play centers

The center of it all

CI community centers offer a variety of crucial benefits for our kids, all supporting CI’s goal of breaking their cycle of poverty. Want to visit a community center and see your impact in person? Find out how.

A safe place

Most CI kids don’t have safe, clean places to spend time in. Our community centers provide that! Places where families are treated with dignity and kids escape negative influences such as gang recruitment, violence and drugs.

The path out of danger and poverty passes right through the front door of a CI community center.

Does every child have access to a CI community center? For the most part. We build our facilities in locations where the vast majority of CI kids live. In a few locations, though  particularly the most remote  we can’t centralize our services and benefits in one location. Instead, we use smaller local facilities, such as volunteers’ homes or government-operated sports courts.

the ripple effect

CI centers don’t just improve the lives of CI kids. They also lift up entire communities! They’re a powerful symbol that our kids and families matter and that we care enough to invest in their communities.