What is a community center?

the power of Children International Community Centers

Community centers are safe havens for the vulnerable

Negative and often dangerous circumstances surround most neighborhoods where sponsored children live. From being pressured to join gangs to simply having no safe spaces to play or to study, the lack of resources and positive opportunities can overwhelm disadvantaged families.

These are the places where people come together to inspire and teach one another – for good. Children International’s community centers stand as a testament to our supporters’ long-term investment in children, families and communities. More than bricks and mortar, these buildings help provide families with the resources and opportunities they need to recreate their lives.

Look inside one of our 67 community centers across the globe. Take the full virtual tour, guided by center coordinator Yaseni Lopez. Or pick and choose what to see by clicking on a time stamp.

Welcome 1:20 mins | Dental clinic 4:83 mins | Medical clinic 7:38 mins | Hallway moment 4:59 mins | Library 6:40 mins | Computer lab 6:80 mins | Into Employment 6:13 mins | Sponsor Relations Office 1:87 mins | Youth Building 4:00 mins | Sports Courts 2:80 mins | End of tour 1:23 mins

The path out of danger and poverty passes right through the front doors of Children International's community centers.

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Inside these centers, sponsored children receive mentoring, learn critical life skills, and gain access to the services they need to break the cycle poverty

Community Center

  • Medical clinics

    Operating medical clinics provide medical care to children who might otherwise not have access to health care.

  • Dental clinics

    Dental clinics provide access for children through screening, direct care, education and financial assistance.

  • Pharmacies

    Pharmacies provide essential medications that are not otherwise accessible or affordable.

  • Nutrition

    Our Nutrition Rehabilitation program helps undernourished children, aged 3-11. Interventions include ongoing medical attention.

  • Libraries

    Community center libraries help children stay engaged and on track for secondary-school completion.

  • Computer labs

    Digital literacy programs promote learning, support academic goals and give young people an edge in future job markets.

  • Tutoring

    Tutoring provides academic support with an emphasis on literacy and numeracy.

  • Sports courts & playgrounds

    Children have a safe place to play and learn essential social, coping and leadership skills.


*Some services are not available in every community center

What will you see in a community center? 

Open, airy spaces, easy access to services and a bright, cheerful atmosphere are hallmarks of each building. They bring communities together and serve as an oasis of hope for our most precious resource … children and youth. 

Every center is different based on its size and the needs of the community, but many include:

Medical clinics

Dental clinics




Computer labs

Activity spaces & meeting rooms

Sport courts &

Does every child have access to a Children International community center?

For the most part. We build our facilities in locations where the vast majority of our families live. In a few locations, though — particularly the most remote — we can’t centralize our services and benefits in one location. Instead, we use smaller local facilities, such as volunteers’ homes or government-operated sports courts. 


The center of it all

Children International community centers offer a variety of crucial benefits for children and youth, all supporting our goal of breaking their cycle of poverty. Want to visit a community center and see your impact in person? Find out how.

a little girl standing in front of a building

The heart and soul of our work

Generous donations from sponsors and donors make these centers the places where people gather to end poverty for good.

It is the combination of those aspiring young people, working with professional, selfless staff and volunteers, that breathes life into the work our supporters make possible. Ensuring that kids feel valued, supported and unconditionally loved is at the heart of Children International.

We hire compassionate, knowledgeable people from the countries we serve. They understand our families and genuinely care about helping them overcome their challenges. Our teams constantly monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of our programs and provide children with positive role models who build kids’ self-esteem and cultivate trust between families and our organization.

the ripple effect

Children International’s centers don’t just boost the lives of disadvantaged children and youth. They also uplift entire communities! They are a powerful symbol of how much we value our kids and families and a visible promise of our long-term commitment to improving their communities.

Want to learn more?

Contact our Global Philanthropy Team at 800-888-3089 or philanthropy@children.org.

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