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For children in poverty, childhood is a series of setbacks that never allows them to get ahead or envision a better future. Life doesn't come with guarantees like medical treatment for illnesses, having shoes to wear to school and getting an education. Negative early experiences impact a child’s ability to grow, leaving them trapped in a cycle of poverty. Your sponsorship or gift creates lasting change for the children in the communities we serve by providing access to life-changing education programs, crucial health and dental services, career workshops and more.

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  • Decades of steady progress in reducing extreme global poverty were disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, marking the first rise in the number of people living in extreme poverty in a generation.

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  • A single individual in the U.S. making $35,000 per year is among the richest 3.5% of the global population.

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  • Children comprise just 1/3 of the global population but they represent half of all people living in extreme poverty.

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With the money we spend on our pets each year, we could help end hunger around the world. Intrigued?

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