La Lucha - Ecuador

Recently Completed: community center in Quito Ecuador


Because of the generosity of people like you, these two new centers have been inaugurated and are now in use! But several centers still need help before they can realize their potential to transform their communities.


About these areas

CI has been serving the desperately poor communities of Argelia Alta and Francisco Huarcay for 20 years with two of the five community centers in Quito, Ecuador. The Lindemann Family and Phelan-Emmett centers ensure that services can continue and grow as the previous unsafe and inadequate facilities were stretched to the limit.

Thank you for your generosity

A huge "thank you" to all the wonderful friends who made these centers possible for kids in Quito! But transformational projects still need your help!

Kids served in Quito: 23,000+

Give kids a SAFE PLACE ... like an amazing community center

Want to learn more about funding our community centers?

Contact the Global Philanthropy Team at 800-888-3089 or

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