Important documents

forms and documents to prepare you for your visit

CI’s child-protection policy

Reading this will help you understand some of our rules for your trip. (We’ll also ask you to sign a copy upon your arrival saying that you agree to abide by the rules.)

Consent and liability forms

We’ll ask you to take a look at these before your visit, too. 

Background check

We require a background check for anyone 18 and older who will be meeting the kids in person, for the safety of the children.

We request that you visit ACS Data Services to complete your criminal background check. Click here to provide your name and email address to start your ACS application. There is an ACS $35 processing fee, which is separate from the Children International visit expenses.

The information being collected will be used solely for the purpose of initiating a criminal background check at the request of Children International. Once this info is submitted, we will send an email with a link that leads to the background check application. Once you’re finished with the application, you must submit payment in the amount of $35 via credit card before the application can be processed. Results of the background check will be made available to Children International. Your information will be kept confidential and secure and shared only with the necessary staff members.

Start Secure ACS Application

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