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Empty cupboard

MarÍa and her husband rely on day labor to support their family, but they don’t always find work. This leaves them unable to buy food for themselves or their three children. The daily stress of not knowing if there will be enough to eat can be overwhelming. Watch the video to see how a Family Gift can help them purchase food and other necessities.  

A can help in so many ways

Food security

Having enough to eat is a constant concern for our families.

Safe housing

Paying the rent or fixing a leaking roof greatly improves a family’s quality of life.

Life-changing education

Receiving educational support is key to the children’s future success.

Better hygiene

Soap and cleaning supplies are critical to maintaining good health.

Give a Family Gift

Because financial stress is the most urgent problem our families face, your gift will be delivered in the form of a gift card or voucher so that the family can use it for their specific needs.  

Stronger together

Two families share how sponsorship support and the Family Gift Fund helped them cope with the challenges they faced during the pandemic.


2020 was particularly difficult for Asifa because she lost her mother. Her mom suffered from a previously diagnosed illness, but because the hospitals were overcrowded with COVID-19 patients, she received inadequate care and passed away.


As the pandemic tore through their community in Mexico, the Lopez Colunga family was struggling. Father Luis’ hours were cut and food was scarce. Schooling for Moisés, 11 and Cristopher, 7, became virtual, which required a working cellphone and good internet connection.

Give a Family Gift


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81% of CI donations go directly to the field

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In FY 2022, 81% of our total operating expenses supported programs for children and youth.

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