Global poverty and giving

facts & stats About World Poverty and Giving

Does supporting antipoverty organizations do any good? Yeah, big time. Find out how giving goes a long way to helping those in poverty.

  • Over the past 20 years, global poverty has been cut in half with extreme poverty declining in every region of the developing world.

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  • The current generation has been called “the first generation in history that can end extreme poverty” by the World Bank (in 2015).

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  • In 2013, the largest source of charitable giving came from individuals  yep, people like you!

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  • People are giving of their time as well! In 2014, 64.5 million adults volunteered 7.9 billion hours of service!

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There are lots of ways to give.

Sponsor a child, build a community center or make a gift.

Find out how
  • For $30 billion, we could end world hunger completely. Not to food-shame anyone, but every year, Americans throw away more than five times that much ($165 billion) in unwanted snacks and meals.

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