Creating systemic and enduring change together

By partnering with Children International, you’ll be working with an organization that has a global footprint with local leadership and experts who tailor our programs to meet the contextualized needs of communities and even individuals. Working with a vast network of partners through grants and contributions, we emphasize Health Equity and Into Employment® as key focus areas for creating systemic, enduring change.

Here are some of the ways we can work together:

Systems strengthening

Strengthen local health care, education and employment systems across 10 countries around the world, in close collaboration with public, private and civil society partners.

Program investments

Invest in us to help innovate and scale programs while measuring impact.

Job placement

Hire in-demand graduates equipped with technical expertise, financial acumen and life-skills training, while joining a global network of employers from diverse industries.

Our health program teaches children, youth and their families ways to get and stay healthy. And by partnering with public clinics and across all sectors, we achieve reliable, high-quality primary care for those in underserved communities. This program empowers youth and other citizens to gain ownership and influence by collaboratively working with other stakeholders to improve access and quality of health services.

Into Employment seeks to fill the gap between the talents and ambitions of young people and the needs of local job markets for qualified entry-level personnel. Into Employment’s vocational and technical training, job readiness, life skills and scholarships enable participants to transform their dreams and aspirations into reality.

Thanks to support from partners,

our Into Employment Program achieved strong results.

Strong partnerships for a better future

Our longstanding partnership with Citi Foundation empowers children and youth to become agents of change, in their own lives and in their communities. Through social and financial literacy, as well as workforce development, this partnership helps young people acquire the skills they need to thrive in life — and in their future workplaces. Citi Foundation supports Children International’s Into Employment® Program, equipping young people ages 18 to 24 with the technical and employability skills they need to find stable jobs in the formal work sector. To further promote gender equity, we actively enroll more women in the program.

Citi Foundation’s partnership has helped us provide recent training to more than 18,600 child and youth participants in Guayaquil and Quito, Ecuador.

Pathy Family

Our partnership with the Pathy Family Foundation invested to significantly scale Into Employment® over five years, in Ecuador, Honduras and Guatemala. The number of participants we were able to enroll exceeded the original goal by 25%, reaching more than 5,000 youth. This capstone program serves as the springboard to systemic change for disadvantaged youth, their families and communities.


Children International partners with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the municipality of San Pedro Sula, Honduras, to provide community leadership and technical skills training to youth and adults to reduce forced migration. Together, we implement programs and community protection strategies to tackle some of the region’s most difficult challenges, such as intergenerational poverty, youth unemployment, gang recruitment, gender-based violence in high-risk areas and climate-change vulnerability.

Zugu Case

Our collaborative work with ZUGU Case founder, Tim Angel, has helped children thrive and communities transform. Most recently, this partnership has resulted in a new community center in Colombia, more scholarships for youth, and enhanced the reach and scope of our emotional wellness programs. ZUGU Case generously commits 10% of profits annually to Children International.

We hope you’ll consider partnering with us, for good.

Please contact us at with partnership inquiries.

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