Daraga - Philippines


Ever wonder how we can help hundreds of thousands of kids every day? The answer: CI community centers. But in Daraga, Philippines, we’re working out of a rented storefront that isn’t even close to adequate for the demand. A whopping 7,000 kids rely on this center as a safe space, a place to learn and a home to vital services.

With your help, we can build a new facility that’s up for the challenges of lifting sponsored kids out of poverty.


Critical issues

  • No more cramped waiting space without room for kids to play. A big, bright waiting room, playroom and outdoor playground will keep everyone comfortable.
  • No more medical and dental exams behind thin curtains with no privacy. Kids will have their own private, well-equipped consultation rooms!
  • Providing special spaces. No more turning teens away because we don't have room for them to gather. They'll have their own youth building with a computer center, career-readiness center and lounge spaces!

Prefer to hear from us?

For more information about making a gift to a community center, let us get in touch with you!

About the new center

A new community center in Daraga, Philippines, will replace a rented storefront that is woefully inadequate to care for the 7,000 children it serves.

The new center will feature separate health and dental clinics, a library, computer center, playground and dedicated spaces for meetings and program activities — where children can learn, play and receive crucial benefits. 

Current Daraga Community Center

Large gifts and naming opportunities

Contributors who donate $1,000 or more join an exclusive group that comes with significant perks:

  • Updates on how the project is progressing and when it will be inaugurated
  • An invitation to attend the inauguration ceremony or visit the center any time
  • Your name, or the name of someone important to you, inscribed on a plaque in the center

Another far-reaching opportunity: The chance to leave a lasting impression on the Daraga Community Center by naming one of the rooms in the facility. 

Name a room

The very spaces that are changing the lives of kids will feature the name of you or someone you love. That’s powerful stuff. If you are interested in donating, please contact us soon.


  • Computer Center

    Computer center

    A resource for our kids where they learn vital digital skills and use computers to complete their projects.



    Dental Clinic

    Dental clinic

    A vital part of providing health services, including oral health procedures that wouldn't otherwise be available to most of our kids.



    Youth Training Hall

    Youth training hall

    A flexible space for larger group training to support all of our programs for teens, from life skills to practical job skills.

    Funds needed: $50,000


    Children's Playroom

    Children's playroom

    A place for our younger kids to be kids, have fun and make connections with each other.



    Community Enrichment Hall

    Community enrichment hall

    A large space to bring the community together, engaging citizens and building relationships.



    Staff Offices

    Staff offices

    A dedicated "home base" for our hard-working staff with modern office space so they can be the most effective.

    Funds needed: $10,000


    Child and family reception hall

    Child and family reception hall

    Our first foot forward in welcoming families to our life-changing facility.



    Youth Simulation and Workshop Center

    Youth simulation and workshop center

    A place for teens to share knowledge and practice real-world applications of their learning.



    Children's playground

    Children's playground

    A flexible outdoor space for children to enjoy.


  • Youth Classroom

    Youth classroom

    Dedicated learning space for teens in our youth resources facility.

    Funds needed: $10,000




    With reading material appropriate for all ages, a key educational (and entertainment) resource for our kids and the community.



    Medical clinic

    Creating healthy kids — a key pillar of our work — and ensuring kids have access to critical medical services.



    Youth Programs and Recreation Hall

    Youth programs and recreation hall

    A large, flexible space, suitable for fun and learning as needs arise.



    Youth Reception Hall

    Youth reception hall

    The gateway to our dedicated facility for teens' programming and recreation.



    Nutrition Center

    Nutrition center

    Ensuring proper nutrition — an essential part of a kid's development — and a dedicated space for personalized help with diet and food preparation.

    Funds needed: $50,000


    Youth Computer Center

    Youth computer center

    A lab in a dedicated facility just for teens, giving them access to a critical resource to complete projects and research they may not otherwise have.



    Letter-Writing Hall

    Letter-writing hall

    A dedicated space for kids to be in touch with their sponsors, solidifying the relationships that make CI's work possible and reminding them that somebody really cares about their future.


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