Newsome Family Center

building a community center in CHIMALTENANGO, GUATEMALA

Construction began: April 2021
Projected completion: November 2021
Number of children served: 2,000

About the center

Children International opened our current community center in Chimaltenango more than 20 years ago. Over the years, we have renovated the building several times to continue to meet the needs of our children and youth and our growing and much-needed programs. Although the current center has character and is warm and comfortable, so many additions and renovations over the years have resulted in an inefficient use of space. That, along with an aging building, has highlighted the need to improve the area while also upgrading water, electric, data and security systems.

After demolishing the old building and donating old doors, windows and other infrastructure to needy families, we have broken ground on the new center on the original site. It will feature plentiful space for activities that teach valuable life skills, an interactive discovery center and library, a kitchen and nutrition learning center, modernized medical and dental clinics and more. This center will serve as a powerful beacon of hope that demonstrates Children International’s investment in the community and commitment to our families.


About the community

Chimaltenango, situated in the Central Highlands of Guatemala, is a mountainous, mostly rural region. The community in which we work faces diverse challenges, ranging from malnutrition to a lack of health care, schools and job opportunities.

Youth — particularly young women — have very few opportunities to succeed. Decades of underfunding and neglect have created an education system that falls far short of meeting the needs of the children who need it most. Many young people drop out of school to work and help their families. For those who don’t drop out, few make it to high school. Higher education is even further out of reach for most youth here due to the prohibitive cost of both public and private universities.

We’re grateful to these donors for believing in our children
and their futures

We sincerely thank our compassionate supporters for providing an oasis of hope and access to opportunities and a caring team for the world’s most precious resource — children and youth.

  • Adam, Melissa & Brantley Newsome and Forrest Babington made this new building possible by providing foundational funding. The center is named for their generous support.
  • Steve and Marie Macadam, in wanting to do something bigger by giving to others, are lead investors in making this safe and loving center available for 2,000 children and their families.
  • Robert Roth funded the interactive discovery center and library, where children and youth can attend tutoring sessions, work on computers, read and let their imaginations run free.
  • Josh Kramer funded the learning area/multipurpose room, a large, flexible space where children’s events, youth and parent workshops, career-readiness training and more take place.
  • Stefanie Newsome funded the first-floor waiting area, which offers a warm welcome to all who walk through the center doors.
“Our family was overwhelmed by the opportunity to empower the incredible local team with better resources to continue the mission of Children International in Guatemala. The return on investment for the children was easy to see and being a small part of helping in that goal provided us with immeasurable gifts of our own.”

— Adam Newsome,
lead donor and Children International board member

Naming opportunities

Leave a lasting legacy in Chimaltenango by naming one of the rooms still available. The very spaces that are changing the lives of kids will honor you or someone you love. We will highlight your investment with a plaque in the available room of your choice, in addition to adding the room name to our website.

For additional information about the recognition associated with naming opportunities, please contact Global Philanthropy at 800‑888‑4089 or

  • Empowerment room $30,000

    The room where several of our empowerment programs — such as arts, mental well-being, Sport for Development, social and financial literacy and youth leadership workshops — will take place.

    Technical training room  $25,000

    A flexible space for group training in employment programs, where young people learn life skills and practical job skills.

    Dentist office | $25,000

    A vital part of providing health services, including oral health procedures that wouldn’t otherwise be available to most of our kids.

    Health specialties room $25,000

    Creating healthy kids — a key pillar of our work — and giving children access to critical medical services.

  • Health and nutrition kitchen learning space  $25,000

    Ensuring proper nutrition — an essential part of a child’s development — and a dedicated space for personalized help with diet and food preparation.

    Volunteer room  $15,000

    A dedicated space for our volunteers to convene, meet with staff, share ideas and receive training on Children International programs. This space will also serve as the gift distribution area.

    Field officers’ office | $10,000

    The home base for our field officers, who work closely with children and their families, as well as a dedicated space for children to be in touch with their sponsors, solidifying the relationships that make our work possible.

    Community center coordinator’s office $10,000

    The space where our center coordinator will manage activities aimed at deepening the engagement and learning experiences for our children.

Chimaltenango center floor plan

Questions? Contact us!

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