Let the
transformation begin

Ending poverty
starts with children

Growing up in poverty, children face tough challenges: hunger and malnutrition, limited access to education and medical services, social discrimination and isolation.

Local staff and volunteers give children in poverty the tools they need to create brighter futures for themselves and their communities. With the support of our donors and sponsors, children and youth gain the skills and confidence they need to create promising futures free from poverty.

Into Employment®
transforms young adults

Into Employment means every young person who wants to has the opportunity to attend college, earn technical training certificates, upskill their talents or become entrepreneurs.

Your support ensures they have the soft skills, too — problem-solving, as well as much-needed communication and interpersonal skills. Participants practice résumé writing, job search and application tactics, and interviewing. You help them prepare for and get hired into formal employment. 

“I feel capable and I know I can do it.”

— Jennifer Llivi, Ecuador, Into Employment graduate

Jennifer began her journey at age 4 when she joined Children International. Four years ago, she graduated from Into Employment and got her first formal job with an insurance broker in her community. Jennifer still works for the same company and was recently promoted to a managerial position, thanks to her work experience, perseverance and the skills she learned in Into Employment.


Jennifer’s family today, four years after she completed Into Employment and entered the formal job sector. With her income, Jennifer can afford to attend university, where she is working toward a master’s degree, and support her mother (left), cousins and son (on Jennifer’s lap).

“I want to continue growing professionally and personally. I want to be proud of myself and to make my parents proud, too.”

— Jennifer



Help continue the story for deserving young people

Poverty can be isolating and limiting. For work, your only options may be low-wage or temporary jobs. With the support and training that Into Employment provides, participants can increase the likelihood of a career that could truly take them places. We need you to help them write the next chapter.

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