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One of the best ways to understand the power of sponsorship is to see it in action for yourself. By visiting one of our communities, you can see firsthand the unique problems children in poverty face, and how your support provides tailored solutions. Making that journey yourself isn’t always possible, but you can get a glimpse through one of the videos below. Transcripts provided below.

Colombia | Dominican Republic | Ecuador | Guatemala | Honduras | India | Mexico | Philippines | United States | Zambia


Colombia’s diverse culture is a product of its unique, colonial history. European, African and Native Indian influences are all celebrated in its architecture, music and arts. Unfortunately, around 27% of Colombia’s population lives below the poverty line. Find out more.

View on Youtube: Colombia Poverty Facts & Statistics

Dominican Republic

Located between Cuba and Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic is the second largest nation in the Caribbean. Despite its popularity as a tourist destination, many Dominican families face extreme poverty. Find out more.

View on Youtube: Dominican Republic Poverty Facts & Statistics


Surrounded by Colombia, Peru and the Pacific Ocean, the country of Ecuador is one of the most environmentally diverse countries in the world. However, amid all of the rich diversity lies a prominent poverty problem. Find out more.

View on Youtube: Ecuador Poverty Facts & Statistics



Guatemala is a country steeped in tradition and rich with cultural heritage. Latinos and Maya make up the majority of the Guatemalan population. Unfortunately, poverty is a fact of life, both in the city and rural areas. Find out more.

View on Youtube: Guatemala Poverty Facts & Statistics


In Honduras, far too many children are forced to trade in an education for hard work. Poverty dictates they give away their futures so their families can survive. Find out more.

View on Youtube: Honduras Poverty Facts & Statistics



With its blend of Spanish and Indigenous influences, sunny beaches and historical sites make Mexico the sixth most popular country in the world for tourists. Despite its popularity, Mexico is plagued with poverty issues. Find out more.

View on Youtube: Mexico Poverty Facts & Statistics


Located in southeast Asia, the Philippines is made up of over 7,000 tropical islands. A blend of Spanish colonialism and southeast Asian tradition make this country unique. Unfortunately, poverty in the Philippines is especially prominent in this region. Find out more.

View on Youtube: Philippines Poverty Facts & Statistics

United States

Highly regarded for its city improvements, as well as its civic progress, Little Rock, Arkansas is a great place to live. However, many school-age children in Little Rock still face barriers to getting an education. Find out more.

View on Youtube: U.S. Poverty Facts & Statistics



Zambia is a stunning mix of beautiful landscapes, magnificent wildlife and diverse local culture. Despite tourism being a strength of the local economy, it’s estimated that around 60% of the population lives below the poverty line. Find out more.

View on Youtube: Zambia Africa Poverty Facts & Statistics

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