Philippine volcano erupts

Heavy rains increase threat from Mount Mayon in the Philippines

(Jan. 29, 2018) The Mayon volcano, threatening the safety of local residents in the Albay province for weeks now, remains at threat level 4 (on a five-point scale). But recent heavy rains have compounded the threat.

Officials warn that mudflow carrying volcanic debris, including large boulders, is a looming threat to those in low-lying communities near the volcano.

CI children, their families and our staff members who live and work in the designated danger zone (a nearly 5-mile radius from the base of the volcano) are under mandatory evacuation orders from the Philippine government.

Families can access the CI community centers during the day for medical care and to use the libraries and computer centers. The community centers offer a safe space for kids to play away from the evacuation centers. CI staff also are available to direct families to local disaster relief organizations that may be able to provide additional services.

Our field staff also included these updates in their latest report to us:

  • Although some students from affected areas have been excused from school, other schools resumed classes on Monday, Jan 29.
  • Some roads are closed due to landslides.
  • Flights in and out of Albay have resumed, but only on a limited schedule.

Read the latest report from VOA. For more updates, check back here or go to our Facebook page.


Mount Mayon volcano in Philippines erupts

(Jan. 22, 2018) Photographed by CI staff in the Philippines at approximately noon Philippine time, the Mayon volcano located near our sponsored communities in the Albay province spewed ash 10 kilometers on January 22nd. The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology has raised the area's Alert Level to 4, meaning hazardous explosion is possible within hours or days.

Sponsored families and CI staff living in the danger zone are under mandatory evacuation orders directing them to evacuation centers, where they can remain safely until the volcano's threat level decreases. Field staff notified us that local schools are suspended and all program-related services and activities involving sponsored children and youth have been suspended until the situation resolves.

We will stay in close contact with staff monitoring the status of the situation and our sponsored families. Our hearts are with Albay region and the communities facing this emergency situation. Check back here or go to our Facebook page for more updates.

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