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When you invest in Into Employment®, you are providing opportunities that would not exist without your support. You’re showing young people you believe in them and that their future matters. You’re vowing that they will be defined by their goals and dreams, not their current economic condition. Today’s young people have what it takes — they only need you.


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Rhea, age 23, studied for a degree in tourism and graduated magna cum laude in the Philippines.



Carlos, age 22, is a bartender in the travel and tourism industry in the Dominican Republic.

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For the last 13 years, Children International’s Into Employment program has grown. Today, we’re actively supporting close to 8,000 youth, but unfortunately far too many others are waiting to get a chance. While most have the determination and drive to escape the binds of poverty — they only need the opportunity to do so. And that’s exactly where donors like you come in.

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Investing in a brighter future

“We have supported Children International in many ways, from sponsorship to investing in scholarships and vocational training for youth. The impact of these programs cannot be overstated. We have met the students and see their commitment and dedication to building a better and brighter future for themselves and their families. Seeing them, hearing their dreams, and knowing that we’ve helped them lift themselves out of poverty is a wonderful feeling. I highly recommend it.”

— Dave and Fiona Cormack,
Children International donors

for Impact

Find a variety of ways you can partner with us to help provide key training and assistance for our youth. Your help paves the way for more futures filled with opportunities children and youth never thought possible. From funding Into Employment to contributing to technical training and curricula or hiring our in-demand youth graduates, we are eager to explore how we can make a greater impact together.

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Change a generation — they can’t do it without you

Donate to Into Employment

Provide direct funding to enrich and scale programs that help young people find stable, long-term employment. Transform a generation.   

Workplace giving

You can support Into Employment by giving through your payroll and you can double — or even triple — your impact with a match from your employer.

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Estate & gift planning

Your gift from a will, trust or financial account makes a lasting impact on the lives of youth working to escape poverty. See the many options of giving.


Together, we can better support our youth through funding, product donations, collaborations on upskilling and training, job placements and more.

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CITI Foundation's impact in Ecuador

Few opportunities exist for youth in Ecuador. Even fewer exist to learn ways to develop interpersonal skills and technical training needed to secure stable employment and financial stability. Girls and women face compounded risks and barriers.

Children International’s partnership with Citi Foundation hopes to change this reality. The partnership equips young people ages 18 to 24 with the technical and employability skills they need to find stable, formal jobs — the key to lifting themselves and their families out of generational poverty. This Citi Foundation partnership has helped us provide programs focused on social responsibility, financial literacy, and employability training to more than 18,600 child and youth participants in Guayaquil and Quito. And to further promote gender equity, Children International actively enrolls more women in the program.



Into Employment graduates

“I have realized there is a difference between the young Children International graduates and [other] young people. We are going on several years [of partnering] with you, and we have really liked it because we always receive young people prepared for the role.”

— Elsa Anchundia, head of human talent at Hotel Palace, Guayaquil, Ecuador



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