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Hurricane Iota hits Northern Colombia

(November 24, 2020) As Iota swept through Central America and the Caribbean, the city of Cartagena, Colombia experienced significant flooding after eight uninterrupted hours of heavy rains and wind. Around 155,000 people in total were affected, and at least three community centers sustained damage. Children International staff is still working to establish contact with sponsored families, but we know the floods affected at least 100 of our families. Local staff is developing a plan to provide support to those who need it. Learn more


Honduras braces for Hurricane Iota

(November 19, 2020) With the potential to cause even more damage than Hurricane Eta, Iota is expected to make landfall in the same location. In total, nearly 2,000 sponsored families were impacted by Eta and will likely suffer even more destruction from Iota. All areas report internet and cell phone services as unavailable or intermittent, and some communities have no electricity or potable water. Communication will be a challenge for weeks to come. Learn more


Hondurans devastated by Hurricane Eta

(November 19, 2020) The strongest storm to hit the region since 1998, Eta tore through the country of Honduras and caused significant damage throughout. The Asentamientos Humanos Community Center sustained severe flood damage that affected all equipment and property inside the building. Many sponsored children’s homes were flooded, with some expected to be a total loss. We have no reports of death or serious injury, but the extensive damage has caused delays in all communications coming out of Honduras. Learn more


Typhoon Vamco hits Philippines

(November 12, 2020) On the heels of Typhoon Goni, Vamco swept through the Philippines and affected a handful of sponsored families in Quezon City, Caloocan and Manila. All sponsored families have been declared safe, and staff returned to work with electricity restored.


Powerful Typhoon Goni (Rolly) strikes Philippines

(November 2, 2020) The strongest typhoon of 2020, named Goni (locally named Rolly) has affected more than 2 million Filipinos, including roughly 40,000 sponsored children and youth. There has been no indication of serious injuries or deaths among our sponsored community, but staff reports flooding and damage to multiple community centers. Learn more


Cyclone Amphan hits Kolkata

(May 20, 2020) The first super cyclone to hit the region since 1999, Amphan brought winds of over 100 mph and devastated sponsored communities. Thousands of trees were uprooted, electrical services were disrupted and roadways were blocked. Many homes and buildings sustained damage as well. The Emergency Community Fund provided support to those who were impacted. There were no serious injuries or deaths. Learn more

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