Our sponsorship program improves the lives of poor children by providing basic necessities, benefits and services and programs that support long-term development and opportunities that prepare them for success. As children grow, our support changes with them to enhance their progress toward becoming capable, contributing members of their communities. We accomplish this by focusing on the following areas.

Effects of poverty on children


Sponsored children and youth are exposed to numerous dangers every day. By providing regular medical and dental checkups, curative care and medicine, we ensure each child’s growth and development.

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Effects of poverty on children


The surest path out of poverty is education. Unfortunately, education is sometimes considered a luxury by impoverished families, and even those who value it often find it difficult to afford. We support basic education by providing benefits such as school supplies, fees and uniforms. Additionally, the HOPE Fund enhances the education of sponsored kids by providing support like tutoring programs and scholarships that help qualified youth complete secondary school and attend vocational training, colleges and universities.

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Effects of poverty on children


Good nutrition is difficult to maintain for families struggling to provide the basic essentials for their children. We provide malnutrition screenings and nutritional rehabilitation for children who need it. We also offer nutrition education programs to sponsored children and their parents so they can make healthy choices and improve the nutritional value of the meals they prepare. For sponsored families struck by disaster, we provide emergency food assistance through our Lifeline Food program.

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Effects of poverty on children

Youth Programs

Our unique Youth Programs are designed to give sponsored youth a wide variety of tools to help them stay in school, engage in positive activities, make informed decisions, and improve themselves, their families and their communities.

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Children in need


Empowering poor children and youth takes specialized programs to ensure they have the skills and abilities they’ll need to become self-sufficient adults capable of escaping poverty. To address this, we offer three signature skill-building programs: Game On!, Aflatoun and Into Employment.

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Support a family in need

Family Assistance

A big part of improving the lives and futures of poor children is bettering their families’ living conditions. We work with sponsored families to help fulfill basic necessities, and use our network of community volunteers to alert us when specific families need extra help.

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Helping poor children

Community Support

One of the best ways to impact a poor child’s life is to improve the community in which they live. We do this through a variety of projects that impact thousands of children and their families on a daily basis.

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