Empowerment = More than a handout

leadership insights series July 2019


Leaders at Children International share their knowledge on world issues in our monthly Leadership Insights series. This July 2019 video blog features the organization’s global program offerings and how we have transitioned over time from simply providing material goods, to truly empowering the children we serve through education.



Jul 21, 2019

One of my sponsored kids just wrote me about the summer program he took at CI in Manila. It focused on healthy habits of hand washing and clean water.
Another of my sponsored kids told me that she had a toothache, and was able to go to CI Bicol to see the dentist. She got treatment and medications for free, and learned about the importance of brushing her teeth. Kudos to CI for these educational programs.

Aug 6, 2019

Our class is so proud to support Paul in Quito, and we are about to help him complete his education! We are so excited about his next steps, and are honored to help a peer of ours in another country break his cycle of poverty, to become empowered and employed! If you're part of a group of American kids, you can easily have a major impact on others!

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