Powerful Teens. Powered by YOU: Colombia

CI teens expected a happy outcome from their “help-the-homeless” service project in Colombia.
What they did not expect was how the experience would hijack their hearts.


CI teens need to build skills like leadership and project management for successful futures. Similarly, their communities face significant problems, such homelessness, but lack leaders to implement changes that make a real difference.


Connect the two needs by charging teens with organizing service projects that allow them to discover their potential and also benefit their communities. The result? People are helped, and teens strengthen crucial skills — and empathy.

By carrying out these projects and seeing their impact, teens learn they can be leaders of change in their communities. 
Powerful Teens. Powered by YOU.

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Jun 1, 2017

It is really amazing all the work and love the teens provide, thank you to all for not forgetting our people in need!!! keep up the hard work...

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