Video Insider Series: Global poverty perspectives in tech

global poverty perspectives VIDEO INSIDER SERIES

To win the fight against generational poverty, families in poor communities need helpful tools (and helping hands) along the way. And in our increasingly wired world, one of the newest necessities is technology.
Our three-part Global Poverty Perspectives Video Insider Series provides firsthand insight about technology’s role in the fight against poverty.



The reality of tech in poor places

In the first video from our Global Poverty Perspectives series, you will meet to Darius, who lives in Lusaka, Zambia with his family. The family works hard to make ends meet. But access to daily needs can still be a struggle. See how technology like phones and internet access are difficult to pay for and yet essential in the family’s fight to escape poverty.

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Me and my family we have a computer which was given to me as a gift when I passed my grade 9 exams. I don’t use it for the internet because I do not have a modem.”
- Darius, 15, Zambia



Technology: The misunderstood necessity

The second video from our Global Poverty Perspectives series is your chance to hear from Josie and Jhon, a mother and son from the Philippines. Join them as they share their insights about the value and importance of technology that’s as simple as a secondhand TV.

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Now that it’s the rainy season, it’s quite dangerous because it’s the typhoon season again. We keep ourselves updated with weather developments by watching TV.”
- Jhon, 14, the Philippines



How a community adapted to tech's rapid evolution

Our third Global Poverty Perspectives video takes you to one of our five community centers in Jalisco, Mexico. You'll learn from our education director, Berenice, and sisters Britany and Daniela about the rapidly accelerating role of technology in their lives. You'll also have the chance to see how gifts like yours are helping to equip children and communities for the future.

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I want to thank the entire Children International team, the sponsors who help us and who helped us in this reality. I want to thank you, and I can only keep on thanking you.”
- Anaís, Britany and Daniela’s mom, Mexico

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Your compassion helps create positive change

Thanks to support from friends like you, families who lack access to technology can receive much-needed assistance. Life-changing resources like computer labs and libraries are also available. And your gifts even help promote digital literacy that prepares children and youth for secondary education and the workforce. These are just a few of the many ways your compassion has the power to change lives!

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Oct 28, 2022

How much and how do you get your child a tablet?

Oct 31, 2022

Thank you so much for your desire to purchase a tablet! Unfortunately, it’s a bit more complicated as we have to ensure the family has electricity and internet costs can vary from country to country. If you’d like to see about providing funds for a tablet for your sponsored child’s family, please contact the Care Team.

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