How our values guide us during a global pandemic

using adversity as inspiration to create greater impact and further progress

*Artwork by sponsored youth Geraldine, 16, Philippines. She says, "I consider my piece as a minimal illustration of an individual facing a pandemic, yet still has the positivity and courage to live."

Susana Eshleman

Children International exists to connect people who care about children and families around the world and have a shared passion to end poverty for good. Now, in the face of a global pandemic that changed the world, we are guided by a north star that remains unchanged: our values.

We refuse to be stopped in our tracks. Because of your support, we are adapting, working creatively and resourcefully to create positive impact. That impact looks different in recent months than it did last year, because our children and families need different support during this unique and historic time. Forced by COVID-19 quarantines to temporarily close the 67 community centers that have served as the hub of our program delivery, we are thoughtfully reexamining how we can redirect our resources to help our children and families cope with the consequences of the coronavirus outbreak.

The stories below tell of dedication and resilience. Our children, families, partners and teammates around the world personify these traits. In these stories, you will find information about the impact of our work in 2019 – work generous supporters like you made possible – and you’ll learn about the innovations we’ve made to deliver our programs this year under circumstances we never imagined. We have been finding new and creative ways to connect with our families and volunteers, as we continue engaging with supporters to live our mission.

Supporters like you are also responding creatively and generously. Sadly, some very committed and passionate sponsors have called us saying they are unable to afford their monthly sponsorship due to personal financial difficulties related to the pandemic. They tell us they desperately do not want to stop sponsoring their child. Upon hearing this, donors are stepping up to subsidize the support for these children until our sponsors are able to get back on their feet. Supporters helping supporters, all to help our children … This is the beauty of humanity, and I am so grateful to witness it.

In the most trying times, our values guide us toward the highest outcomes. The information and inspiration you’ll find on the following pages demonstrate what’s possible when we adjust course as needed to navigate a storm. Fueled by your continued support, we continue to bring people together who see the better world we know our children and families deserve.

We are in this together, using adversity as inspiration and a gateway to greater impact and further progress.

Sep 8, 2020

It is easier for a camel to pass through an eye of a needle then a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Sep 8, 2020


Sep 8, 2020

We must confess that Jesus is Lord.

Sep 9, 2020

Children International is a secular organisation, not faith based. Its' platform doesn't promote a religious agenda. CI shows respect for all the sponsored children, their families, their countries, their beliefs, and their sponsors (many of whom practice different religions or are non religious). Using this site to promote your religious agenda is deplorable!

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