Deron Denton
CI storyteller

It may or may not be true, but I often feel like one of the luckiest people alive. Being given the opportunity to use whatever skills I may have to help disadvantaged children and families is a gift I hope to never take for granted. Thanks to CI supporters and staff, we are all making a meaningful difference in people's lives. For me, the importance of the work we do was exemplified by a trip to the Philippines, where I interviewed a family living in a basement storage area with a ceiling that was about 5-feet tall. The space had no windows, and the power frequently flickered off, leaving us in darkness for minutes at a time.  The hope that kept the sponsored children's parents going was the fact that their children now have a real shot at a better life.

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My travel stats:
- 36 states
- 16 nations

A favorite quote:
"Give alms to everyone who asks." — Walt Whitman

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