2023 year in review: A photo essay

remembering some FAVORITE MOMENTS OF 2023

Operating around the world, agency journalists are committed, passionate, and talented professionals. They bring the stories, photos and videos of our children, youth and families to life. Here, we offer a collection of some favorite photos from 2023.  

Two degrees of transformation: Karen, 18, is a busy (and thankful) young woman. Thanks to scholarships, Karen is pursuing two degrees in administrative assistance and civil engineering. She wakes at 5:00 each morning, attends classes and studies into the evening before returning home to help her single mother and two younger siblings.

Photo by Patricia Calderón, Agency Journalist, Colombia. 


The center of attention: During a health education course for parents of sponsored children, this adorable Filipina toddler kept trying to steal the spotlight with her dancing and cuteness.

Photo by Cheska Peralta, Agency Journalist, Manila, Philippines. 


A triple dose of gratitude: Kenia, mother of four children in the Dominican Republic, is thankful that her three older children are all sponsored. When her husband couldn’t find much work last year the food vouchers they received were, “... a great blessing to us all.” Kenia also mentioned how our Emotional Well Being Program helped the family cope during difficult times.

Photo by Carina Cruz, Agency Journalist, Dominican Republic.


Confident & strong: Kirti used skills she learned in social and financial responsibility programs to help manage her time. When her father couldn’t find work, Kirti took a job in a wholesale garment shop in her neighborhood while still attending classes. “Participating in the programs,” says Kirti, “has instilled confidence and strengthened my resolve.”

Photo by Souvik Chakravarty, Agency Journalist, Kolkata, India.


Gathering wood, with gratitude: Julia is the mother of five children, all of whom are sponsored. Here she is with her youngest, 10-year-old Kevin, as they gather wood to prepare a fire to cook dinner. “All my children are in school,” she says, “and we have benefited so much from the various programs. I am grateful to Children International.”

Photo by Carolina Pichillá, Agency Journalist, Guatemala.


Congratulations! As we enjoy graduation season in North America, we’re reminded of the value of a full education. Globally, there is a 9% increase in hourly earnings for every extra year of schooling achieved. Here, we see sponsored youth graduating in Honduras, where students follow a similar schedule as U.S. schools.

Photos by Nelson Guevara, Agency Journalist, Honduras.


Big fun in Little Rock, Arkansas: During CI summer camp, sponsored youth in Little Rock took advantage of the numerous opportunities they had to learn and grow while having fun. Here, a joyful game of tug-of-war kicks off a series of team-building exercises.

Photo by Stephanie Jones, Agency Journalist, Arkansas, USA.


All smiles in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Becoming registered for sponsorship is always an exciting time for children and their families. Here, 2‑year‑old Sneyder has his photo taken — one of the rites of passage toward sponsorship, and toward a brighter future!

Photo by Patricia Huerta, Agency Journalist, Ecuador.


Sweet September! Mexicans (like those celebrating above, in Jalisco) aren’t alone in observing their nation’s 102nd Independence Day anniversary this year … so are citizens in Guatemala and Honduras. And all are in the month of September! Whenever and wherever they celebrate, we wish everyone a safe and joyful holiday.

Photo by Denise Gil, Agency Journalist, Mexico.


A family affair in Lusaka, Zambia: It’s common to see mothers, like Juliet (seen here with two of her three sponsored children) boosting, or even solely earning, an income for their families. Small businesses that require minimal start‑up costs, such as selling fruits and vegetables, yogurt, sweets and more, are typical on the streets of Lusaka.

Photo by Caren Mwelwa, Agency Journalist, Zambia.


Holiday season is here: Decorating is just the beginning of holiday fun for children around the world. In Mexico, 11-year-old Evelyn enthusiastically prepares for the festivities by setting up the nativity scene.

Photo by Denise Paola Gil, Agency Journalist, Mexico.


Celebrating with style: As in many cultures, the entire month of December is full of holiday celebrations and parades in Quito, Ecuador. Here, a community parade is captured in front of a Children International community center as people celebrate with music and dancing.

Photo by Andres Rosero, Ecuador.


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