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In 2006, the Betty Lou Daul Center opened in urban Manila, Philippines. Donor Ron Daul dedicated the community center to his late wife, Betty, to celebrate her love of children.

Now, over 15 years later, a generation of children have passed through the center’s doors, and the center continues to honor Betty by providing crucial care to nearly 6,000 sponsored children. To honor the center’s service to the community, some program graduates share how the support of their sponsors helped them envision and work toward a better future.

Charizze Monsalud-Sotelleza, 24

Sponsored Graduate | Current employment: Social Media Manager

I was one of the first 150 sponsored beneficiaries in Betty Lou Daul Center in 2006. I still remember [the staff] in the Community Center. They were really hardworking and responsible, and those attributes helped me to also be responsible, creative, and hardworking just like them. They also guided me to be a better person.

Many thanks to Children International sponsors for giving us benefits such as medical and dental services, school supplies, birthday/Christmas gifts, and of course, the different programs they offer. My unforgettable memories are the seminars and retreat activities. The biggest lesson that I’ve learned from the different programs was to dream big and let the challenges and obstacles in life push you to your full potential.

To donors and sponsors of Children International, thank you for your generosity and kindness to help someone who’s miles away from you, communicating through letters and photos. You are making a big effort to support every little sponsored child’s dream of having a better and sustainable life. I’m a product of your help and my goal is to help those who are also in need.

Marry Grace Aguilar, 22

Sponsored Graduate | Current Employment: Recruiting New Associate

Children International is not just about the sponsorship program but it is the foundation to your future career. As you grow older, everything that you do in the Community Center will benefit you in the future.

My favorite program was the Youth Leadership Training. As a participant, I learned how can I improve myself and be a great leader. All the programs that we facilitated were a huge help to my fellow youth in our community. We get to inspire and raise awareness to all the common problems that the youth might be facing.

To all the staff, thank you for your passion to mold us to be a better person. We all salute you for all the things that you did for us. To all the sponsors, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Your investment is not wasted. It helped us not just financially but, most importantly, to be a better person.

Mary Chris Gabutin, 22

Sponsored Graduate | Current employment: Brand Advocate Team Leader

When I joined Children International, the organization didn’t just help and provide for me but also for my family. I got to share my school supplies and all the gifts I received with our family. The Betty Lou Daul Center is not just helping children and their families, but is also building a healthy and a better community.

My favorite activities in CI were picture taking, dental and health check-up, and playing. I really do love the community center for its cleanliness, greenery and child-friendly space. I found friends, improved my social skills and built self-esteem. I learned from the trainings and from the people I encountered.

Every day, I’m grateful that I and my family became one of the beneficiaries of Children International for 18 years. My sponsor has become one of my inspirations to finish my studies because I always want to make her proud and I don’t want to waste the resources she entrusted and shared with Children International and me. This goes as well to the staff who are working hard to deliver everything to the children and communities. I’m here because of their help and support.

Princess Diana Ventura, 22

Sponsored Graduate | Current employment: Teacher

I became a sponsored child in 2007. Prior to joining Children International, my parents were struggling to make ends meet.

[Attending the center] helped me to gain confidence and trust myself. I finished college through the HOPE scholarship and my sponsor. The community center also helped me to access free medical check-up and medicines. The center staff are easy to approach and trusted our capabilities and skills.

Looking back, if I did not become part of CI, my family would have a hard time sending me to university. I would like to thank all the sponsors who support the Betty Lou Daul Center. Because of you, many children like me were able to graduate from college and had the opportunity to reach for their dreams.

Education: the great equalizer

Statistics show that every year a child spends in school increases both their earning potential and ability to affect change in their communities. Children International’s programs place a great emphasis on educational benefits, to help children and youth break down the obstacles that keep them out of school and trapped in poverty.

Children International’s programs are designed to provide the support children and youth need to grow up healthy, educated, employed and empowered for the future.

Sources: UNESCO-UISgemPoveryEducation_eng, The World Bank

If all adults completed secondary education,

420 million could be
lifted out of poverty

reducing the total number of people in poverty by half.

Children of primary
and secondary school age
in the poorest countries are

9 times as likely
to be out of school

as those in the richest countries.

A woman’s earning potential goes up

20% for every year

of schooling she completes.

Poverty in the Philippines 

The Philippines is one of the most populated countries in the world, and lack of employment leaves many families struggling to meet basic needs. Children International’s health, education and employment programs are helping over 39,000 children and youth in the Philippines break out of generational poverty. Learn more


Nov 7, 2022

I am so proud to be involved in the Philippines.

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