The fight against long-term poverty

child sponsorship provides SOLUTIONS TO GENERATIONAL POVERTY

No matter how hard they try, Ashly’s hardworking family just can’t get ahead.

Their house in a slum community of Honduras is falling down. They can barely afford to eat. There’s no chance to save money, only ever-increasing demands on their meager income.

Ashly and her family are among millions affected by generational poverty. She may be only 9, but she understands her situation — and knows she is the only one who can change it. Meet Ashly and learn how she is using the educational programs provided through sponsorship to help her escape the generational poverty trap.

Generational poverty creates an unending cycle of need

  • Generational poverty is defined as those who remain in poverty for at least two generations, and often more. Trapped in a cycle of unending need, these children and families require outside intervention and support.
  • Impoverished families lack access to economic, institutional and social support. They need interventions to help them harness the resources in their communities and within themselves.
  • Children raised in generational poverty tend to have fewer positive role models. Their parents may pass on their poor health, nutrition and financial knowledge that they inherited, and often do not understand the importance of education, or feel they simply cannot prioritize education for their children’s futures.

  • Scholarships, school supplies and tutoring are just a few of the educational resources available to sponsored children and youth.
  • By working directly with parents and caretakers to help them understand the importance of staying in school, our staff create a safe learning environment in our community centers and at home, where children and youth receive age-appropriate assistance to help them graduate from primary, then secondary, school.
  • Employment programs prepare youth for the job market. Working with local employers, we train youth for the most-desired job skills in their communities, creating a path to meaningful careers and a real chance to leave poverty behind, this time for good.

Poverty in Honduras

Ashly and her family live in Honduras, one of the poorest countries in the world with one of the highest levels of crime.  Children International’s health, education and employment programs are helping Ashly and over 13,000 children and youth in San Pedro Sula break out of generational poverty. Learn more


Jul 3, 2022

Such a moving video. The financial help from her sponsor, and ongoing support from Children International is already making a difference in her life, giving her hope that her future can be different.

Oct 11, 2022

This is a beautiful video that made me want to cry. I wish that more people would give of their overabundance to help those in need. It's wonderful to see and hear Ashly's determination to make a better life for her family and herself. I pray she, and all the children, succeed at their great goals.

Oct 11, 2022

Needless to say, this video brought tears to my eyes. I'm so proud of the work you guys do and I'm happy to contribute somehow. Dear Ashly, you will grow up to become a beautiful and successful doctor.

Dec 18, 2022

Somehow we have to help this girl get to medical school. What can we do ?

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