Into Employment: Jennifer’s success

through opportunity and hard work, Jennifer EARNED A GREAT FIRST JOB

In 2020, Jennifer graduated from Children International’s Into Employment program in Ecuador. She quickly impressed her employer, who states Jennifer reminds her of a warrior, one who never gives up and is always seeking solutions. See how your support creates long-lasting change for underprivileged youth.

Support like yours provides youth like Jennifer with the resources and opportunities they need to write their own success stories.

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Aug 13, 2022

Hello! I am Lawrence and I have been running into problems for months trying to make my monthly payment online. Please help!

Aug 16, 2022

Thank you to the Children International Team for making yet another wonderful video. Thank you also to the people who are starring in the videos. The videos and stories are a wonderful way to spread the word about how sponsorship works and helps so many young people.

Mar 28, 2023

The videos showed me the long term effects of supporting Children’s International mission. It’s good to see how lives are being positively affected. I am a supported and at times I wish I could do more but my financial obligations become an obstacle. I encourage people to at least sponsor one child/teenager. With a multitude of people giving something we can change the world faster.

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