Disasters compound pandemic’s effect

supporters help provide vital aid during times of crisis

Throughout this global crisis, some of our communities also experienced natural disasters that further complicated the challenges of living through a pandemic. The devastating effects of events like these can destroy the progress a family has made in their fight against poverty.

In May 2020, the strongest cyclone ever recorded in Kolkata, India, caused widespread destruction. Nearly half a million people lost their homes, including hundreds of our families. In November of the same year, two powerful storms struck Honduras in less than two weeks, directly affecting about 2,000 of our families there.

Vilma (standing, right) worked as a security guard in Honduras to help move her family out of poverty. When the pandemic hit, Vilma managed new hardships.

In the same year, hurricane flooding destroyed the young mother’s home. Determined and resilient, Vilma and her family work together to collect scrap metal to buy food.

Supporters have stepped in to provide a lifeline to families, helping provide food and basic essentials, and giving them hope during a time of great despair. Thanks to their donations to the Emergency Community Fund, which helps overwhelmed families in times of crisis, children, youth and families have received vital support that focuses on:

  • Providing immediate aid, such as food distributions, cash transfers and vouchers for essential household supplies.
  • Coaching families to help them cope with the additional anxiety of these times.
  • Adapting our programs to a socially distanced world while continuing to deliver high-impact results for children and youth.

Thank you for the support you’ve provided our children and families during times of crisis.

See how you can help families around the world as they continue to rebuild, by donating to the Emergency Community Fund.

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