Connecting in the time of COVID

Coronavirus restrictions highlight need for connection

Health, education, empowerment and employment are areas we believe are key to helping children and youth break free from poverty. And over the past year, a new initiative has risen to the top: Connecting With Families.

Connecting With Families arose in large part because of the lessons learned throughout the past year. Although there has always been an emphasis placed on building and developing trust among all communities we reach — both beneficiaries and supporters — social distancing, ironically, magnified the importance of connection. 

Unable to continue delivering services and programs as we had before the pandemic, new ways to reach families became critical to cultivating sustainable results in the COVID reality. All over the world, our staff and volunteers began a massive outreach to all families to check on their overall physical and psychological well-being. 

By listening, empathizing and responding to the specific concerns and challenges of each family, we’ve been able to better support and address their immediate needs. This includes providing direct financial assistance, access to the appropriate health services, solutions for educational gaps, and connections to government agencies and other organizations in their communities.

And through Connecting With Families, the relationships with our families and communities have been strengthened.

This past year has really taken a toll. Connecting With Families allows us to show that we are still here, fulfilling our mission. It’s proof that we all can make a difference — even six feet apart.” 

- Stephanie Jones
media & outreach coordinator CI

130,000+  families have been supported through financial assistance, food aid and more since March 2020. With an average family of five, we estimate reaching well over half a million people with this critical assistance.  

31,661 telemedicine consultations were conducted by Children International doctors from May through December 2020. 


Jun 2, 2021

I cannot truly know, but my imagination is vibrant: Covid 19 demanded instant flexibility, instant resourcefulness and a new level, a higher level of energy and focus from Children International. I sponsor over twenty, at least one in every CI area -- I am tearfully grateful for the magnificent, outstanding efforts of CI administration, employees and volunteers for their acclimatization in these dreadful, dreadful times. Your hearts are golden, I salute you, I thank you. Applause from Rachel Gordon Fischoff, who sends the money, but understands fully: you CI make the money do good.

Jun 4, 2021

I feel very blessed in knowing that God has allowed me to contribute to the efforts of CI to help children and their families. My only wish is that I could do more on limited income! God bless all of you at CI who have helped so many families. A sober and yet hopeful acknowledgement of how devastating the pandemic is for everyone. Yet you all managed to do something miraculous in all the countries sponsored. You remained connected to the families in every means possible, yet safely.

Jun 14, 2021

You are doing God's work. God bless you ! I contribute to this children international and it is a worthy and good organization.

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