Inside Victory Village

The children of Victory Village, despite the endless challenges of poverty, remain resilient and joyful. Take a closer look at the destruction a recent fire had on the community of almost 200 sponsored children — and be inspired by their persistence to find happiness.


Sep 4, 2019

Just amazes me how these children are smiling and having fun under the conditions they live in. People all over the world need to learn from them. The rich want to get richer and not share and we complain about the smallest things but we still have a roof over our head, clean water to drink, food in our stomachs, etc. These children have very, very little yet they are smiling and having fun. Surely, they have an angel watching over them.

Sep 4, 2019

Just watched it again. We can learn from these children. I know I will.

Sep 5, 2019

Having a lot of money is not guaranteed to make you happy. If you have good relationships, good friends, good health you can find much more happiness from these.

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