Lifting teens out of poverty through HOPE

dynamic scholarship program helps CREATE FUTURE LEADERS

In San Pedro Sula, Honduras, danger is often lurking right around the corner. For teens in poverty like 17‑year‑old Cesia, daily challenges make it harder to get a good education – which can make getting a stable job next to impossible.

Infrastructure issues, violence and lack of water are just a few harsh realities that Cesia has to navigate every day. The streets in her neighborhood are usually filled with young children asking for money — something their mothers often send them to do out of desperation. As a Children International HOPE scholar, Cesia is determined to not only escape poverty, but to become a leader in her community. The support of both sponsorship and her HOPE scholarship help her work toward these goals.

Before she was awarded a scholarship, Cesia’s mother, Maria Irma, worked hard to send her three children to school despite struggling to afford it. She knew an education was one of the keys to breaking the cycle of poverty.

“We have overcome several challenges because it is not easy to be two parents working with the children at home.”

Once she was notified that she received a HOPE scholarship, the burden instantly lightened.

“Without those benefits, I don’t know what I would have done.”

With a range of interests, it took Cesia some exploring to figure out what she wanted to study, and though a bit reluctant at first, (she also loves tourism and language), she landed on Business Administration.

“The teachers have taught us responsibility, how to develop, manage, and work under pressure,” Cesia said. “It’s a pretty dynamic program.”

Helping teens get the training they need to not only land a job, but to become a sought after employee prospect is a key objective to the approach we take at Children International.

In order to remain eligible for the scholarship, there are typically some requirements students must maintain:

  • Satisfactory grades
  • Completion of the academic year
  • Volunteer service hours

More than 98% of scholars
complete the year of study they receive the scholarship for

The volunteer work is something that Cesia found particularly helpful in building her confidence and leadership skills.

“At the beginning, I was very shy. I could not speak or develop,” she explained. “Through volunteering, I was able to develop a lot. Children International helped me to grow as a person and to be a leader with a group of children, teaching them life skills through the trainings they gave us.

“Now at school, I love being a leader of my groups.”

There are thousands of teens like Cesia who are filled with potential and determination to break through their own cycles of poverty and create powerful change. To support one of these inspiring teens and give them the boost they need to succeed, donate to the HOPE scholarship fund today.


May 12, 2019

These stories are so inspiring! Keep up the good job!

Jun 12, 2019

Loving being a sponsor through CI

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