Because of you ...

As we pause during this busy season to reflect on this past year, many of us at CI are simply amazed by the impact your support has made for children living in poverty. You have spread awareness of our mission to help impoverished children unleash their potential and ultimately break the cycle of poverty.

Here are just some of the remarkable achievements you made possible:


More kids than ever are getting access to CI’s life-changing programs.

90 cents of every dollar spent went to the programs and activities that are changing the lives of children across the world. Your support is keeping alive the dreams of kids like Isela, who wants to become a teacher, and helping them stay healthy, become educated, learn skills that empower them and — ultimately — find employment.

Watch Isela's story of hope


Levy is just one of the thousands of teens who are getting the education support they need.

His love of learning and good grades merited a scholarship, which helped him get through both high school and college. The determination Levy showed and success he achieved is common among CI’s scholarship recipients: 99% of CI scholars finished their year of schooling for which they received a scholarship.

See what Levy's up to now


CI teens and young adults like Edwin are landing great jobs — or creating their own.

Edwin graduated from our Career Readiness program in Guatemala and wasted no time using his new knowledge to develop a business plan. Today, he raises and sells chickens. His whole family is now part of the business, which has become a source of purpose and self-worth for them.

Another career-focused CI program moving sponsored kids forward is Into Employment: 82% of those young adults found jobs or created a small business within 3 months of completing Into Employment.

Read Edwin's story


Children are learning to believe in themselves and seeing that they have value.

Imagine how hard it would be to motivate yourself to make a change if you were faced with seemingly impossible circumstances. It’s easy to see why kids in the areas we serve might succumb to hopelessness, feeling like their choices can’t make a difference. But, 91% of kids participating in Aflatoun ended the year with strong self-esteem. Aflatoun is our social and financial responsibility program, which teaches participants skills like planning, saving and self-awareness.

Think about it: When children from families that have never had a bank account understand saving, they can plan ahead. When kids really understand their society and believe they can make a difference, they can transform their communities.

See the program in action


CI kids are on their way to becoming future world leaders.

We help kids build leadership skills and provide them with real-life service opportunities to uplift themselves and their communities. (Here's everything CI teen leaders recently accomplished.) And 86% of teens who complete the leadership program indicate a strong competency in leadership skills.

One example is from our teen leaders in Colombia. Despite their own challenges, the service project they conceived and implemented was to provide haircuts, new clothing, hygiene kits and meals to the homeless in their community.

Watch their story

thank you!

We’re so grateful for your support and the hope you provide to kids. Every program we offer moves us one step closer to our ultimate goal — children who are healthy, educated, employed and empowered to break the cycle of poverty.

As we look toward the future, we cannot help but feel hopeful, too. Together, we are making a difference in children’s lives — and building a world free from poverty. Every step we take on the path toward that goal is only made possible thanks to supporters like you.

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Ninety cents of every dollar goes directly to helping our children.

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Dec 12, 2017

I am very proud to be a sponsor!

Dec 13, 2017

Keep up the good work!!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2018!!!

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