A self-guided lesson in communicating with your kid

Want to try writing or speaking to your sponsored child in his or her language? You might wonder, “How do I even start?” If your child lives in Latin America, you could try brushing up on your high school Spanish. But what if your child speaks Tagalog or Nyanja? How does one say “Hello” in India? We’re just guessing, but your old textbooks probably can’t help you out there.

So we asked CI kids across the globe to teach us common phrases in their native tongues. Consider dropping a few into the next letter you write your child. Even better, practice them for an in-person visit!

Learn "Hello."
Learn "My name is..."
Learn "Friend."
Learn "Please."
Learn "Thank you."
Learn "You're welcome."
Learn "Yes."

Try out your new skills by writing to your sponsored child!

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Dec 16, 2016

I wan to thank you for the wonderful job you are all doing with the children....I am honored and blessed with my handsome and well educated, loving, sweet sponsored son...I love him and his beautiful family....

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