The big 3: Our plan for real impact

Teens in Guatemala take a selfie

If you've read Susana's note explaining that some big changes are happening at CI, you now undoubtedly want the nitty-gritty on what those changes are exactly.

In a nut shell? We're creating a next better version of ourselves. The vision: to more effectively provide the support and skills our kids need to become healthy, educated, empowered and employed.

To achieve that goal, we're focusing on providing kids with three essential elements:

  1. A team of people who support them
  2. A safe place for them to get help
  3. A path out of poverty that addresses the issues of health, education, empowerment and employment through country-relevant and age-relevant programs and services.

First: The team

Who is on each child's team?

All CI supporters are crucial members, of course, but sponsors are particularly important because they provide individual encouragement to each child.

But, if you're a sponsor, don't feel solely responsible for your kid's future. You've got teammates! Lots of them! Including:

  • Field staff and volunteers who know the kids well and what they need
  • Doctors, dentists, teachers and tutors who provide the care and curriculum for strong bodies and brains
  • Headquarters staff in Kansas City, Missouri, who oversee the programs and funding and ensure we make progress toward our strategic objectives and spend your contributions wisely.

Teen reads books to kids in Lusaka community center

Second: Amazing spaces

Our community centers are unique to CI — extremely few organizations become integral parts of the community so kids and their families can own their transformations. Hubs of activity, most of our centers are modern, well-equipped facilities that typically feature medical and dental clinics, playgrounds, libraries, computer rooms, separate spaces for teens to gather and even community gardens.

You're the reason we've been able to build so many of these safe havens smack in the middle of the communities where our kids live. They and their families rely on the facilities for clean, safe sites to study in, gather and play.

You'll see even more hammers flying in the future as we renovate and build additional centers. While each has its own unique personality, they are all amazing places that children, teens and families truly value.

Sisters display their certificates in computing

Third: A path out of poverty

We're evaluating every program, service and benefit we offer. Each must support our all-encompassing plan to help kids develop the life skills to become healthy, educated, employed and empowered to break the cycle of poverty.

To make our programs based on these pillars as impactful as possible, we're also focusing on making them country- and age-appropriate. We're providing kids with the specific support they need when they need it. We're giving kids the resources they need based on what they lack where they live. So we'll ensure appropriate benefits and services are accessible to a boy living in rural Guatemala as well as a boy living in India's urban slums. And we'll give different support to a 5-year-old than we will a 15-year-old.

An impactful evolution

We still believe the best way to address poverty in a sustainable way is to invest in our kids and empower them to break the generational cycle of poverty. We're simply evolving into an organization even more sharply focused on giving our kids what they need.

Pssst. We're also dedicated to delivering a better experience for you, our supporters! (Get the scoop on this page.)


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