How do we look?

See that ripply, circular symbol? That's our new logo! But you may be wondering what it really means. To us, it means a lot. But we also want to hear what the logo means to you!

Children International logo

Our new logo - What we see:

  • The ripple effect.

    From YOU. To the kids. To the volunteers. To the communities. To the world!

  • Individual growth.

    Empowering (every)ONE to be a positive agent of change.

  • A thumbprint.

    Characterizing each person's impact and unique contribution to the movement to eradicate poverty.

But our logo is only one change you'll see in our new look, which we have designed to reflect the new vision of our organization.

Sure, you'll notice new colors, too — chosen to be as vibrant as the communities our kids call home. And you'll see lots more dynamic photos that reflect the real lives of these youthful balls of fire.

Plus, here and on our new-and-improved website,, you'll experience even more heartfelt and moving stories. We'll be expressing them more creatively than ever through stirring and inspirational words and imagery.

But underneath it all, we still only have one goal: helping kids break the cycle of poverty. And getting that accomplished starts with you and all the world-changers who are part of this bold movement. We hope our vibrant new look reflects our gratitude and makes your experience with us that much more engaging and satisfying.

In fact, we'd love to know what you think! Send a note to We look forward to your comments and suggestions!

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Feb 20, 2022

How do I send pics

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