Harnessing the power of one from two in Colombia

We’re excited to announce that change is happening in Colombia! Starting in June 2016, we are consolidating operations there to create an even more effective agency.

Staff and administrative services previously delivered via separate facilities in Barranquilla and Cartagena will be combined into one office. This change will have little to no effect on sponsored children in the area. Sponsored kids will continue to use the same community centers, see the same friendly volunteers and, most importantly, have access to the same great benefits and programs made available through your support.

As mentioned, the reasons for merging Barranquilla and Cartagena are simple and sound: Efficiency and cost-savings.

  • One administrative office will help us better manage staff, benefits and programs.
  • We’ll save money — money you generously provide  on administrative costs, electricity, security and all those expenses associated with having two facilities.

“This merger will make operations much more efficient in Colombia,” says Paul Hooper, CI’s senior regional director. “And, as we implement our more programmatic approach, being able to communicate with one central office improves our ability to effectively implement these changes and accurately record their impact. No one with kids in Colombia needs to worry about this at all,” Paul adds, “because our kids are going to receive the same services and the same level of care and love that we’ve been giving them all along.”

Kids like these in Cartagena will continue to enjoy and learn from CI programs such as Sports for Development.

By consolidating operations into one new agency in Colombia, we will better meet the needs of our sponsors and their children in this South American country.


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