Expand your world: Cool toys, eye-opening videos, revolutionary music and books from our kids' countries

Get a glimpse into the realities of our kids’ lives with some select choices in entertainment and culture by two members of Team CI, Jimmy Mack and David Nebel, culture cultivators.

Whether you want to learn something new or just have a little fun, we’ve done the legwork and picked out stuff that educates, entertains, inspires — or does it all!

VIDEO: “Living on One Dollar”

“Living on one dollar” video

For two months, filmmakers documented the harsh reality of surviving on an average of US$1 per day in a small rural town in Guatemala. In the process, they befriend neighbors, sharing in their lives and revealing truths about the human condition, regardless of culture, wealth or ethnicity.

Check it out on Netflix or at livingonone.org

MUSIC: B-Flow’s “Voiceless Woman”

B-Flow’s “Voiceless woman” album cover

B-Flow’s music has more than just a good beat to it. “Voiceless Woman” is a cry to end senseless gender-based violence against women and girls. Its perfect blend of contemporary pop beats, reggae sounds and traditional Zambian instrumentals will keep you listening until the final note.

Watch the "Voiceless Woman" music video.

BOOK: “Untouchables: My Family’s Triumphant Escape From India’s Caste System” by N. Jadhav

Untouchables book cover

The Indian government has passed laws and protections to reduce discrimination between socio-economic groups, known as castes. Despite these efforts, discrimination and even violence still occurs — especially among the Dalits.

Get it on amazon.com or from your local bookstore.

TOY: Trompos

Spinning top popular in Latin America

The trompo, or spinning top, is a popular toy in Latin America. Typically made of wood by master craftsmen and decorated to reflect the culture of their country, these seemingly simple toys are not so easy to use. But once you get the proper technique down, you’ll find yourself spending hours spinning away!

Want to see some in action? Check out some masters putting a spin on the toys.



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