The kids all write

Dropping a line can really lift someone up! Just think about the last time you received a letter from a caring friend. Hopefully, it made you feel really special and thankful for the friendship! That's what makes letter-writing such a great experience for both CI kids and their sponsors.

Dina (15) is among the CI kids who can’t get enough of letters from their sponsors. Dina, who lives in Cartagena, Colombia, got especially lucky, though. Not only does her sponsor, Lawrence, write to her often, but he recently traveled from his home in St. Johnsville, NY, to visit her.

Dina writes to her sponsor.

Meeting Lawrence in person let Dina get to know him on a deeper level. And that experience has made her even more eager to write to him and his family. (Break out the stationery!)

Dina is eager to respond to her sponsors' letters.

Lawrence's letters keep Dina updated on his family's activities, which encourages her to share her own. (Usually, she can't wait to grab a pencil and write back immediately!)

Dina keeps her sponsor's letter close as she writes her response.

"I like to tell them how well I am doing in school," Dina says, "and the things I do with my friends. Sometimes, I feel sad, because I want to spend more time with them. But we communicate through the letters."

Dina smiling and holding her letter

Dina says the relationship she's built in the letters with Lawrence has created a bond that will last forever. She says she's especially thankful for having such a generous person to share in her growing up and development.

“I feel so happy and proud of my sponsors. They are good people. They tell me nice things, and they care about me.”

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