From hungry to happy

FACT: Nearly half of all children in India under age 5 are underweight. That’s one of the highest rates in the world.

Poor nutrition inhibits physical and cognitive development and plays a significant role in creating and worsening many health conditions.

CI’s nutrition rehabilitation program is there to help by providing healthy meals for kids who need to gain weight.

Today, these volunteer mothers in Moyna, a village 87 miles northwest of Kolkata, are preparing a meal.

One mom carefully peels boiled eggs …

… while the other prepares dough for pakoras, made of chickpea flour, mashed potatoes and other seasonal vegetables.

The dough is rolled into balls and fried in oil over an open fire until they’re crispy.

Where’s a plate? Those look amazing! 

Nearby, at our feeding center in Moyna, the children get ready for their meal. 

More than 1,200 kids age 12 and under in Kolkata are currently enrolled in our feeding program.

They receive between 2 and 5 meals per week, depending on the severity of their malnutrition.

The kids wash their hands with soap and water, just as they’ve been taught. Practicing healthy behaviors is important to their recovery and future well-being.

Look, Ma — all clean! Now can we eat?

This is Shantanu. When he heard eggs were on the menu, he did a jig and shared his excitement with the group. The girls seem less than impressed. (Boys … ugh.)

Shantanu appears to find his meal just as delicious as he thought it would be.

Each child is served a healthy portion of the pakoras, an egg and some fresh mango. Our goal is for each child to reach the proper weight ratio for their height.

Now that’s the face of a satisfied customer! 

Looks like the food was a big hit with our little diners.

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