Challenges on global money and finances persist

It may come as no surprise that financial literacy is a challenge for people in both developed and developing countries. (The latest financial crises are all the proof we need of that!) But just how dire is the problem? Check out the stats below.

This infographic provides insight into global money problems — many in developing countries do not have bank accounts — and why it’s important to start educating kids about money matters as soon as possible.

Understanding money matters is clearly a problem for people in both developed and developing countries: 33 states in the U.S. and every country in Asia (except Japan) don't include financial education in school curricula. And having a bank account is not a priority among poverty-stricken people in Latin America or Sub-Saharan Africa.

This is why we believe we should start teaching kids all about money as soon as possible. When kids are socially and financially empowered, they have an increased sense of control over their own lives and become agents of change in their communities.

Learn how we're addressing these problems

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