Power of ONE: Every person is a link in the chain

CI computer educator Jesús, role model for kids in Colombia.

Jesús has been with CI for three years.

Jesús Eliecer Machado Jaramillo is a problem-solver. You can hear it in the way he speaks, in the words he chooses. His world, as seen through the eyes of an IT engineer, is one of infinite possibility. It’s this optimism, perhaps, that landed him in the position of computer educator at Children International three years ago, a role where he can inspire others with his perspective while also teaching them a thing or two about computers.

Selected from a field of 42 applicants, Jesús, who graduated five years ago from Rafael Núñez University in Cartagena, Colombia, says he loves being able to teach and pass along his knowledge, especially to boys and girls who have limited resources.

Here, he explains why working at CI is having a positive impact on his life, both personally and professionally.

Q: Tell us about yourself. How do you like to spend your time away from work?

One of my hobbies is graphic design. It is not something I do often, but I would like to have studied it. I think I still have time for that. I really like to improve some of the logos I see, just to prove to myself what I can do. Also, I like food and cooking. I cook on the weekends for my wife. I like sports, and I play soccer. And I love music. In a manner of speaking, I have rhythm in my blood.

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Q: How did your professional path lead you to CI?

I was checking job websites and discovered a vacant position for a computer center instructor. Although CI was looking for a technologist and I am an engineer, I saw it as an opportunity to acquire better knowledge in my profession and in who I am as a person.

Before joining CI, I worked in the city center as a commercial consultant and a salesperson, which helped me grow as a professional and as a person. I have been working for CI for three years and I am trying to do my part: offering my enthusiasm, my motivation and my willingness to innovate so that we can improve the processes and programs to better serve our boys and girls.

Q: What is it like working at CI?

Being at CI has allowed me to have better awareness, tactfulness and empathy for the kids and youth. As humans, we all have problems and difficulties, but when we analyze the details and we put ourselves in the place of others, our problems fade into the background. Thankfully, [CI] can offer them solutions. I think that is what we do every day.

We solve kids’ problems in one way or another, but we give them the tools so they can solve them, too.

Q: Every day, CI works to change lives. Has working for CI changed your life or your outlook?

I feel that CI not only changes the lives of the boys and girls who are involved, but all the people who are part of this great family. It has a positive impact on people. I feel that we all should do things because we want to do them, not because we have to do them. The way I see it, there are no losers in the world, only incapable people. It is up to us to show these children they are capable of great things. When they recognize that in their lives, they reach their goals and they can be free from poverty.

Jesús helps teens in the computer center

Jesús Eliecer Machado Jaramillo, from Cartagena, Colombia, enjoys making a positive impact on kids and teens.

Q: Who inspires you?

Some people would admire a character, a superhero, artist or singer. In my case, I admire my parents, who, just like these children, had difficulties because they did not have the proper conditions to support their four children. Thanks to their incredible effort, their dedication and strength, we are all professionals today. They are my role models. My wife also inspires me. She is the reason why and how I do things. So, basically, my motivation and inspiration comes from my family.

Q: What does the phrase “unleashing the power of (every)ONE” mean to you?

In life, everything is connected and every person is a link in a chain that can offer something positive or negative. I think people who contribute something positive must find a way to connect to the links that aren't connected to the chain. Those links are the children and youth who lack opportunities. It is our duty to join those links together and when we do that, we bring out the power of every one. I think that is what we do here: We change kids’ lives so they, in turn, can change the lives of others. That is how we make all these links come together. When we strengthen the bond, we stengthen the chain. 

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Jun 21, 2017

Children International is an impressive humanitarian organization who truly enhances and changes the lives of the children and their families for the better! Well done!

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