Excitement is building in Guatemala!

Check out the progress on the construction of the Cook Family Community Center in Villa Canales, Guatemala.

Here’s a front view of the building. When we say that CI provides a place, a team and a path out of poverty — THIS is the place!

The residents of Villa Canales are so excited about the new center. They know it will be a safe place where our team will help guide thousands of children on the path out of poverty.

Here’s the view from the street. The construction of this center is made possible through gifts from some incredible donors. We’re so grateful for their support!

It may appear messy now, but in just a few months the center will be open for business — the business of changing lives.

Look at the center’s beautiful backdrop! Guatemala is a wonderful place to visit, so we hope to see a big turnout for the inauguration ceremony in October.

The Cook Family Community Center is named in honor of CEO Emeritus Jim Cook to thank him for his many years of dedicated service to CI.

Thanks for visiting. Check back here for more updates at children.org/villa-canales!

Photo assistance by Verónica Arévelo, field reporter, Guatemala.


Jul 9, 2016

Looking forward to seeing Villa Canales open in October! I hope to see it in person along with all the smiling client families.

Mar 13, 2017

It is very nice to see all the work going into the projects! Thanks to all the workers and contributors to this, so necessary building.

Aug 8, 2021

I would like to send a communication by computer to the Cook Center in Guatemala. I would like to share my music with the use of a web cam, for the children, especially my sponsored child Alan. Does he have access to a computer for communicating? If so, please let me know the proper email address. Thankyou. Sincerely yours William xxxxxxx at xxxxxxx

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